We give you a list with all the neighborhoods in Rio so you can see wich one suits you best!

We organized the information according to the neighbourhood and we give you a review of them, we also provide a list of accommodation divide into hostels, hotels and bed and breakfast so you can choose the best option for you.

Rio de Janeiro Neighborhoods


The coolest beach of all! we give a review of all the neighbourhood and the beach.


The most famous neighbourhood! With the nicest views of the city and the most traditional restaurants!

Barra de Tijuca

The Most beautiful and chic neighborhood from Rio de Janeiro. for those who likes surf and tranquility


The most carioca neighbourhood, wit lots of bars, and restaurants, with easy access to all the city


The VIP Neighborhood with the most exciting night, and the best restaurants.


Where the night takes over! the place with an amazing and bizarre vibe that make the place unique


With the most beautiful of the Morros, and the best prices on Zona Sul area. Leme is the perfect place to meet the cariocas costumes


Near to the beach and with a VIP night, Gavea Its a classic from Rio


With the sickest waves in the city and the best bars and seafood restaurants


The most chic favela, close to the popular beaches in RIo de Janeiro.